Radhika Holmström

Words for all occasions

London, UK


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I have taught undergraduate students at Goldsmiths University and worked as a visiting lecturer at Middlesex University, lecturing to undergraduates and postgraduates on feature-writing.


I've also acted as assessor for the Clore Social Leadership Programme, which offers fellowships to outstanding potential leaders in the voluntary sector.


In addition to my various day jobs, I am writing a novel which draws on my experience of being mixed-race (my mother is from India) while looking entirely white. I spent some time investigating a non-fiction project on whiteness, colour and India's own multiracial history; and found myself thinking about the orphanages and the madhouses, the children shipped overseas and the people negotiating their lives along the faultlines of race and colour in the first part of the nineteenth century in India. It is set in Madras in 1841 and provisionally titled Smoke and Jasmine.