Radhika Holmström

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London, UK


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One of the things I enjoy most about my work is the opportunity to cover a huge diversity of issues, and write for hugely differing readerships. 


I’ve written about child cancer survivors for the Guardian Family page, and the prospects for young adults with learning disabilities for You magazine. At the other end of the spectrum I’ve explained the spread of inner-city tuberculosis to health visitors and the nuances of working with an inner-city Pakistani community to learning disability nurses.


My particular strength is in communicating complex issues in a manner that the readership will find accessible but not patronising.  I talk to everyone from world-class neurologists to former heroin addicts who've been living on the streets - and they all have to be happy that I'll write about them in a manner that does them justice.


The publications I’ve written for include:


The Daily Telegraph


The Guardian


Boots Health & Beauty and Boots Parenting where I worked as Acting Health Editor from August 2011 to February 2013.


Easy Living – I worked in-house as the Acting Health Editor, from July 2007 to August 2008, but have also written features on issues ranging from identity fraud to domestic violence


Red, where I have also done in-house shifts  


Zest, for which I also covered a period of the features editor’s maternity leave






Nursing Standard


Practical Parenting


GP magazine


Pregnancy and Birth


Learning Disability Practice


Nursing Times


Mental Health Practice


Third Sector


Children and Young People Now


Foster Care