Radhika Holmström

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London, UK


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I specialise in communicating complex issues accessibly, whether that’s for a popular magazine or a specialist technical publication.


I’ve written about child cancer survivors for the Guardian Family page, and the prospects for young adults with learning disabilities for the Mail on Sunday’s magazine; at the other end of the spectrum I’ve explained the spread of inner-city tuberculosis to health visitors and the nuances of working with the Pakistani community to learning disability nurses. I talk to everyone from leading neurologists to former addicts, and I have to do so in a manner that gives them the confidence to talk to me – and the knowledge that I will represent them in a way that does them justice.


Before I moved into journalism I ran the communications at youth homelessness charity Centrepoint and learning disability charity Mencap. I have also worked as the press officer at Voluntary Service Overseas and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.


I have a BA (Hons) in English from Oxford University, and an MA in English from the University of Warwick.


I now live in south-east London with my two daughters and their father.

Radhika Holmstrom 2018

I’m a journalist, writer and editor based in south east London.


I specialise in health, mental health, pregnancy and parenting issues, along with interpreting and translation; but I also write on everything from identity theft to green living. I’ve written for publications across the whole spectrum, from extremely technical to extremely popular – and all points in between – and have edited reports on a huge range of social care and policy issues.


I've also contributed to a number of books.

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